The Gold Rush Philosophy

We believe CrossFit and the CrossFit methodology is the most efficient way to achieve overall general physical preparedness. In our day to day lives as humans we perform a variety of activities placing differing demands on our bodies. Having a broad and general fitness plan is the best way to prepare for the variety of activities life throws at us. Through the methodologies utilized at CrossFit Gold Rush, we help our clients to move better, gain mobility/flexibility, get stronger and improve their endurance. Our belief is position, movement and then intensity.

Our experience has shown that if we have our clients start with proper positioning, teach them how to move properly then add intensity, they can achieve levels of fitness not believed possible. Our experience has also shown a warm, welcoming and caring gym community is key to our clients achieving their fitness goals. You have to be comfortable to want to walk through the doors each day and we strive for just that with all our clients.


Our History

CrossFit Gold Rush started as a small workout club spawned from a group of friends looking for a new location to workout. Everyone was familiar with the CrossFit methodology and believed in it, we just needed a place to regularly gather and someone to program. Through the generosity from one of our founders David K, we started in his shop using one barbell, a single station rogue squat rack/pull-up bar, a kettle bell, a couple of dumbbells, one jump rope and a tire. Our coach Andi was CrossFit Level 1 certified and volunteered to put some WOD’s together. We started meeting regularly and from there our workout club grew.

We decided to name our club Pro Bono Fit Club (Fitness for the Good of the Community) and over the next year our we grew our community, equipment, competed in local competitions and sent an athlete to the 2012 CrossFit Games. December of 2012 we became an official CrossFit Affiliate.  Our coaching staff consists of Level One Trainers with various specialty certifications, most of whom have been CrossFitting for more than 4 years.