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Wired to Eat

By 03/13/2017News

Dear CFGR Folks,

I’m really excited about a new book that’s being released on March 21 and I believe in the book so much, I’m willing to offer you a gym discount if you purchase the book before March 21!  Robb Wolf has just written his 2nd book and I was lucky enough to receive a pre-published copy.  After reading it, I believe everyone who follows it, can be very successful in improving how they look, feel and perform.  Trust me when I say it will be the most interesting “Diet Book” you have ever read!

Here’s the deal………

1.  Pre-order the book now:
Barnes & Noble
2.  Forward your receipt to: &

3.  We’ll confirm the receipt then email you the bonuses & discount your next months tuition!!
That’s it!

The only catch is you have to pre-order the book by March 21st. After that, the bonuses & discounts are no longer available.


Check out the video from Robb:


Go to: to learn more!


Here’s a message from Robb:

I wrote Wired To Eat to help you. Help you lose weight. Help you get healthy. Help you understand how your neuroregulation of appetite works and how our modern world of processed, hyper-palatable foods can hijack that process and get you on an Uber to Chubbyville. I don’t want that and neither do you. So, Wired To Eat is your resource for understanding the predicament we all find ourselves in, as well as your solution to losing weight and getting healthy. It is my goal that you look at your life in the following way: The time before and the time after you understood how you are Wired To Eat. I want this to be life-changing. To that end I developed a number of bonus items that I hope will help you not just understand the material in Wired to Eat, but to implement the programs like the 30 Day Rest and 7 Day Carb Test. If you succeed, I succeed and your copy of Wired To Eat will not end up lining a birdcage.

My singular goal in life is to help as many people as possible live the best life they can. I cannot think of a better legacy than to know that one’s work has had a positive impact on others. I hope Wired To Eat proves to be a profoundly important piece of your life. Thank you for believing in me and my work and please keep me posted on how you are doing once you dig into the book.

Thanks so much!